16 February 2012

For The Love Of My Life

I feel the pain
There is no pain
I feel the pain
There is no pain
I feel the pain
There is no pain
I feel the pain

It's in my heart
You're in my mind
My eyes are blind
Now I see you

A child, I cry
The pain inside
The shooting star
I miss you so

My love, you are
The death I want
The God I love
Heavenly play

14 February 2012

Your Argument Is Invalid

I used to say stuff to myself that gave me a little inspiration, as well as great insights, towards science, medicine, technology, religion, sexuality, life, existence. Too many subjects. Then one day, I came to a realization: what if all my arguments were invalid?

It brought back a memory.

Some time in January 2012 in Lexington, KY, I was at the bus station with a friend, a colleague, and here I need to make a point. When it comes to the 'taking the bus' situation, you end up learning about people, who are they who take the bus? Why do they take the bus? And where are they going and where did they come from? We were having our chats and looking at our personal mobile devices, and for us being two guys, it is normal that we do not multifunction.

A man who grew old in his grumpy dirty clothes, you can tell he is homeless for the time being, came across us, and he knows that we are together but not together. Yes, it was the normal social distance for two men standing next to each other, close but not close, indicating a friendship. The problem is, each was in his own universe.

The man came close to us and said: "this is what's wrong with the world, technology."

Salut to the truth.

Salut to the man.

And i'm typing this on my iPad 2 from Apple.