18 February 2014

12 February 2014

The Wolves Of Winter Wound

Yes, I walk this journey all alone
Yes, I don't have a place to stay
You can keep calling this house a home
As for me, I feel as a dog astray
I keep my gaze at the sun and the moon
While you are too busy with what you say
I keep walking against the flow of clone
I keep my head up, I'm made of clay
I miss the warm summer and much more
But now the winter cold made me a prey
The wolves have not seen the power of roam
They can only assume and to God they pray
That no one will know of the trap they own
And they want to catch you, how could they?
You walk this journey all alone
You have no fear, nor a place to stay

04 February 2014


One can never forget love.

You can forget your name,
but you can never forget your love.