31 March 2012


يا ليتني كنت ملاكاً كالملائكة

لأكون لله طول الدهر ساجدة

خاشعة بعبادتي له طائعة

هو مولاي بنوره أنا خالقة

القهار عند النكبة له راحلة

وعند الفرح له شاكرة

أنا صابرةٌ على الدهر مهلَكة

أستعجل يوماً من الخوف مترقبة

هل الأفعال بجهنم محترقة

أم الروح بالجنة خالدة مطمئنة

بل النفس بما عملت إلى ربها راجعة

يا ليتني كنت ملاكاً كالملائكة

القمر والنجوم

قل هل يخفى القمر بين النجوم أم الناس في حب الشهوات مندمجون

بل إذا رأوه لله يتعبد قالوا عنه أنه مجنون

حتى إذا جائهم حقاً يقول لهم ما اقتنعوا بل رشدوه ناراً وهم لا يعلمون

دعوة حب ونصحٍ وسلام ودعوة سوءٍ وهم مستهزئون

قل هل يستوي الذين يؤمنون والذين لا يؤمنون أم الحياة لهو ولعب وأكل وممحون

إن مخافته تقوى للعابون من نار هم فيها ساقطون

تراهم فيها سكارى للنعمة ناكرون هذه آيات الله، وما أنتم عنها إلا معرضون

إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون إنا لكلمة الحق لمستمعون

Say, is the moon invisible between the stars or the people in the love of pleasure integrating

No, but if they see him to God worshiping they said about him that he is gone crazy

Even when he arrives to them, truth he says to them not convinced, they lead him to hell without them knowing

An invitation of love, rightousness, and peace and an invitation of corruption, they were mockies

Say, are the believers equal to the non believers or life is play, game, food and horny

Fearing God is higher consciousness for the players from hell in it they are falling

In it, you see them intoxicated to grace are rejecting these are God's blessings، to it you are nothing but denying

We are to God and to him we return We, to the word of truth, listen

(Sorry, last line is too hard to translate)

24 March 2012

A Battle Between The Heart and The Brain

Have mercy on me, my dear, for I forgot my smile today.

The ache within me is painful, but I wanted to see your face.

May the cure be your voice, to hear you from afar "love, hey."

As ever, this just is not my day, you can tell from my display.

Indeed, love is a hard game that only a few can play.

Around the heart is a fortress, like a string, your picture is in place.

But today was not my day, the brain refused what the heart wanted to say.

Didn't even listen to the heart, shame is on me as rain.

Naïve was the blame, forgive me, I'm sorry I was lame.

It's not over yet, after one day, I will be your prey.

You will hold me, love me, and I will kiss your eyes, in your arms I will pray.

Exalted You are my God, Lord of the worlds, I don't know what to do.

Sacrificing love for eternity in heaven sounds to amaze.

Indeed, love is a puzzle, and I am lost in a maze.

Nights I can't sleep thinking about you, and I think about you even more than days.

But you see, the heart chose, that we touch so close, it's time for you to make my day.

I will say hey, today, next to you I'll stay.

But when the heart wants to say, the brain rejects and stays away.

The body aches, I feel the pain.

Deep within me, fountains of flame.

Burning love, a doctor's claim.

And the cure, the heart to blame,

for loving you, your name.

09 March 2012

When Will I Die?

In your arms I want to die.
With your kiss I can survive.
It's your touch keeping me alive.
And your eyes, seas merge into skies.

With your drug, I become high.
Like the moon, we are the stars.
But on earth, the people lie.
Now I'm lost, no one will cry.

No one cares, darkness inside.
I miss you, burning my heart.
Loving you, until I die.
Problem is, I don't know why.

It's because you are not mine.
It's the night every tear I cry.
It's your beauty, all the stars bow.
So I pray, love me alike.

04 March 2012

Love song

When I see your pretty face, my heart skips a thousand beats.
Whenever you call my name, I always forget to breathe.
Holding me in your embrace, as my home that's how it feels.
In Heaven we have a place, why don't you kiss me please.