21 May 2014

Everything is past

It is impossible to see what's happening now because light takes time to travel to your eyes. Therefore, everything you see happened already.

15 May 2014

الناس أجناس

ارواح تائــهة فــلا تكـون
وناس تافـهة تقول اخون
تفخر فــاعـلة ولا تعـــون
تفعل فاحشة ولا تصـون

10 May 2014

I Lose

The sun shines when I see your face
And the world is safe when you are here
I wander, not lost, there is no place
In this world for us I fear
I pray, one day in your embrace
But He knows best for you and me

So long my friend and have a good day
So long, I just want to play
Today, and together everyday
And forever. Do you know that I pray?

The heart hurts, all suffering and pain
And hope seems to be too far away
Was it a choice in the past I made?
Or because I was born this way?
Indeed, nothing in this life is fair
So fuck, live and die is what I say

Oh, God, let us in heaven
Where we live and love forever
Peace upon us all together
There is no pain, there is pleasure

So long my friend and have a good day
So long, with you, I want to play
Today, and together everyday
And forever. Do you know that I pray?

Oh, God, let us all in heaven
Where we live and love forever
Peace upon us all together
There is no pain, there is only pleasure

4 Life Changing Tips

1. Look at yourself.
In the mirror, at your eyes, your lips, the gum between your teeth, the buds on your tongue. Take a look at your body, very closely, to where you see the hair grows. Have an appreciation for your body, and show your beauty. Get clean, shave, and take a shower. Put on your best outfit and have small breakfast at a restaurant before you go to work. Say "hey" and "hello" to everyone you meet, don't forget to throw a smile their way as well; it will make their day, and yours too.

2. Look at the landscapes, the trees and the sky.
When you are not busy, and taking a break from work, smell the fresh air and look up in the sky. If there are clouds, look at how far they are, or how close. Look at how the clear sky is blue, and how this mental trick makes you feel like a fool. Have a new appreciation for beauty everywhere you look around you. In the trees and the birds, even in bugs. Look at how small you are in this universe, yet how powerful your impact on this planet.

3. Switch dislike to like.
Is there a person that hurt your feelings? Forgive them. As a matter of fact, be the first to call them, apologize and show them your love. Have mercy on your enemy and treat it kindly. Be the smarter person and show others that you enjoy their company.

4. Start believing.
In God put your trust and have hope. It is true, that what we expect from life is what we get. So, have good expectations, that what is yet to come is better, that people are good and kind, that we make life much better as together we walk the line. Start believing and never stop.

Love Kills

Caterpillar's metamorphosis, why do I wish it happens too soon?
The dry tear that I can't cry, and unspoken words will make ruin.
Hidden is love filled with passion, like the hanging gardens of Babylon.
Kill me, 'cuz all I want to say is "I love you."

Never have I been told of my influence in life.
Never have I been told that my existence is not a lie.
Yes, I thought I was insignificant until the day I die.
Then I see your pretty face, your beauty gets me high.

All I want in life is to kiss your lips soon.
You and I, watching total eclipse of the moon.
And in the dark we play, the fire in my room.
Once and twice, but in reality, boom.

I never hurt you, I want no trouble.
I just want us to love one another.
And if you want to kill me for your pleasure,
Stab me in the heart until blood dry, kiss is no pressure.

I Killed My Hater

Yo, homie
I thought you were there for me
When I needed you, you bailed on me
You're the one guilty as charged, 
but you put the blame on me
Not only that I'm innocent, that was my baby
My baby, baby, is gone
With a single blast of gun
You call yourself a homie, well you're wrong
Because a homie will not be a motherfucker on the run

Now I'm in jail
Waiting on a bail
And you are not
I wish, on your body, falls hail
To crack your motherfucking skull
But wait, my hater
Because sooner or later

Non-sense I'm in here
Belonging with all these queers
While you're there, free
Free as a bird

My baby, oh my darling baby
Did not see it coming
My baby is now a bird in heaven, but after what?
You fuckin' raped her, waited and then killed her
While on me is all the blame
You're the one who should be in jail
My fuckin' hater
Wait, because sooner or later

I'm in jail, but wait until I get there
Where? Right next to your fuckin' head
I will hold my gun, yes right there, and I will make you wait...
I killed my hater..
And it was sooner, not later..

06 May 2014

فداك الروح

كيـف تبيــع انســان      وهو بالــروح شـاريــك

ناطر مـن هالزمـان       لحظة بــس يــداريــك

شايف في كل مكان     صورتك وبالخير يطريك

بيضمك بكل حنـان       ارجع لي، واللي يعافيـك

03 May 2014

حكمة اليوم

كلما تعلم الانسان شيئاً، زادت سعادته. وان استوعب معرفته اصبح متقلب المزاج. والسبب: ان استيعابه لما حوله يجعله حاضراً وواعياً للموقف، فتارة تسعده وتارة تبكيه.

02 May 2014

فداك الروح

You are the reason i'm alive
Without you, there is no meaning in my life.